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The Principal Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop has posted a blog requesting feedbacks from users on Raw image processing (in Camera Raw product) versus RAW converters of other vendors.

Being an official request it is interesting. Already many ones has provided feedbacks, typically the comparison is done versus DxOptics, Capture One and Raw Therapee. Capture Ones has received the most appreciations so far.

Here is the link if you want to read or even give your opinion... link.

Phase One has released Capture One 5 in three versions (besides the basic, DB and PRO), one of the famous RAW converter and workflow application, known for its wide support for tethered shooting.

PRO version is on sale at 299 € / 399 $ (all info here), while the standard version at 99 € / 129 $.

Lexar has announced a new series of CompactFlash cards for professional photographers: with a high speed of 600X and big capacities: 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

Adobe has published first beta of Lightroom 3, the famous RAW development and photo archiving software.

An interesting analysis of this beta is available in our Overview section Lightroom 3 beta overview.

Canon has announced the upgrade of its professional EOS 1D reflex: 1D Mark IV.

Main news on this model:

  • new autofocus system with 45 AF points (the competition with Nikon is stiff...) of which 39 are high-precision, and new Auto Focus predictive algorithm;
  • 10 frames per second burst, optimal for sport photography;
  • HD video recording up to 1080x720 pixels at 29.97 fps with monoaural built-in microphone or external stereo one;
  • 16 megapixels sensor of APS-H size, that means a crop factor of 1.3 (focals are multiplied by 1.3);
  • ISO up to 12'800 - even up to 102'400 with expansion..., that we do not recommend since images loose detail and contrast, but Nikon with recent D3s made the same...;
  • declared better white balance with tungsten light, where Canon white balance has always been poor.

The new model should be available by end of this year at about $ 5'000.

Canon has announced two new Wireless File Transmitters - WFT:

  • the WFT-E4 II, a new version of the wired/wireless transmitter for the 5D Mark II that includes support for 802.11a wireless networks (besides 802.11b/g) and WFT server that takes advantage of Java enabled browers to easily control camera settings.
  • the WFT-E2 II and WFT-E2 II A, an evolution for newer 1-series models like EOS 1D Mark IV.
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