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After 4 months of activity and more than 8000 contacts, LightPoint has a completely new layout!

The new layout offers

  • better compatibility with old version of Internet Explorer (the various browsers and their versions behave quite differently);
  • new home page with a cool overview on the Gallery "Images of the month";
  • completely new layout for News: spotlight of the most popular news in the past 30 days, news categories listed for a quick access, fancy overview of latest news;
  • new layout for the "What's On" section for registered members.

In the month of August, on LightPoint site interesting news and overviews have been published, like the new version of Lightroom and the annoucement of new DSLR.

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Canon has announced the 50D, the successor of 40D, middle level DSLR, after some days when some news had leaked.
The body is practically the same of 40D (maybe some better sealing ribbons) but the features inside and the new LCD are interesting.

Here are the main updates and new additions:

Yesterday Nikon has announced the successor of D80, in the middle range of Nikon DSLR offer: D90. This announcement is just one day after the Canon announcement of 50D successor (60D).

The announcement period before next big photo fair in September is started!

Yesterday PictureCode has released its popular noise removal software Noise Ninja for Apple Aperture (version 2.1 required), one of the most famous Mac photo software.

Here is the link on Apple site.

Today Adobe released the new version 2.0 of popular Lightroom product, for cataloging and developing images.

In the Review section of this site, you will find a detailed review of this version: link.

Also the new 4.5 version of Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop module for developin/treatment of RAW images) has been released, as always, since Lightroom upgrade and ACR upgrade share the same engine. But notice: not all functions available in the Develop module of Lightroom are available in ACR 4.5, that can just import some of the new features of Lightroom (like local or gradient corrections).

PTLens software has been recently released also as an Adobe Lightroom external plugin (both Windows and Mac version) and as an Aperture (Mac) plugin.

PTLens includes a data table with all major DSLR lenses for automatic correction of lens distorsion. It allows also manual correction of chromatic aberration and perspective.

Link for PTLens is here.