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Adobe has published a minor update of Photoshop CS4 to version 11.0.1.

It is mainly a maintenance release with fixes of performance and stability issues.

The update is available through the program itself of via download at this link: for Windows and for Macintosh.

Neat Image has released the new version 6 of its noise removal software plugin for Apple Aperture 2.1.

Basically, it ports to Aperture the features and quality provided in the latest version of the Photoshop plugin.

Link to Aperture version news available here.

Phase One has updated the Capture One products (RAW conversion software) to version 4.6.

Support for new cameras are added: Nikon D3X, Canon 5D Mark II for sRAW1 and sRAW2 formats, Olympus E-30 and a few others. Also new features and enhancements are introduced, like new option for color editing, more options for camera remote control (tethered shooting), load/save workspace (only for Mac version), improved performance.

Link for the new versions are here.

The SD Association, a global alliance of more than one thousand companies involved in the Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, has announced the new standard for this type of cards: SDXC. This new type, as an evolution of SDHC, will be able to have capacities up to.... 2 TB (2'000 GB!) and 300 MB/s of speed.

The new standard should be completed around March.

Link to original document from SD is here.

50 years have passed since Canon introduced its first reflex camera. A Canon USA press says that so far Canon has sold 53 million cameras.

The very first Canon camera was Canonflex, back to far May 1959.

If you read the numerous forums existing around in the Web, you see that one of the most frequent reason of complain is focusing problems.
Quite often there are user errors or user not full knowledge of this not-easy topic, like requesting objects being outside the Depth of Field to be in focus.
Our first photography lesson (see here) was dedicated to focus principles.

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